e-link November 16, 2017

Nov. 16, 2017

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Amber Gorman, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Public Access Defibrillator Program co-ordinator, thanks the Fizzard family for donating an AED to a Regina school. Photo: Communications

Regina family donates AED to school

Most people go about their days without a back-up plan, without a carefully thought out method of how to respond if their health suddenly fails, most of us don’t have to. For the Fizzards, where three out of the four family members have Brugada syndrome, which could mean sudden death via heart failure, they are keenly aware of such things. Read more...

Quality and Safety

One is better than two when it comes to blood transfusions

More clinicians are choosing wisely and ordering single unit transfusions

Leading by example: employee first in line for annual flu vaccine

The continuing care aid says she is protecting herself and the health of her patients

Creator of Accountable Care Unit model teaches in Regina

Spiritual care providers still available in health region

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Learning opportunity from Health Quality Council

Transformation Talk

Leadership will provide guidance during amalgamation

Many local committees and working groups will continue to function