e-link - January 5, 2017

January 5, 2017

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Some great stories coming out of the holidays:

Meet the region's first baby of 2017

Baby Jaxtyn Carter Kinvig arrived at 2:21 AM

The deli-tray delivery elves spread holiday cheer

Each year during the holidays the region strives to ensure that all staff working on Christmas and New Years receive a holiday meal.

Quality and Safety news:

Disease and cancer prevention, can it really be that easy?

Have you ever cared for a person with debilitating nerve pain due to an episode of shingles (Zoster) disease, or know someone with cancer caused by HPV? Read more on how the region is set up to help people avoid these debilitating diseases.

Access/Patient Flow news:

Getting the big picture of alternate level of care patients

Alternate level of care (ALC) patients have been something of a mystery to the health care system. Although we see them in our facilities every day we don’t know a lot about them or their needs.

System Sustainability news:

Ninety per cent reduction in scrub inventory gives staff room to roam

Terry Gottselig, a uniform clerk with Regina General Hospital’s (RGH’s) Uniform Room, recently said two words she never thought she’d hear herself say again: “I’m ahead.”