e-link - August 31, 2017

August 31, 2017

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New PMO role at Pasqua creates safer hospital at night

A new overnight physician role at Pasqua Hospital is ensuring continuous patient care into the wee hours of the morning, providing nurses with on-site consultation and improving patient flow from Emergency to the surveillance and medicine units.

Quality and Safety news

Thrill of the chill

It might have been hot outside, but inside? Blizzards.

Student gives community programs two thumbs, wwaaayyy up

Nutrition summer student Rebecca Kriger shares what she learned by visiting a Forever...in motion session and a Live Well with Chronic Pain class.

Transformation Talk

Common goals bind us together

Karen Earnshaw, Aug. 31 guest author, talks about the importance of understanding what working together means. Karen is the Vice President of Integrated Health Services.

Fear and opportunity companions of change

Dr. David McCutcheon, Aug. 24 guest author, notes that while change creates uncertainty, it also creates an opportunity to improve. Dr. McCutcheon is the Vice President of Physician and Integrated Health Services.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars

Upcoming events include the Sept. 6 Board meeting, the Oct. 7 Stoma Stroll and the Oct. 23 Perinatal Loss Conference.


Take a bow! Emergency staff, physician applauded for top-notch care

The mother of five-year-old Noah shares her first-rate experience at Emergency.