e-link - April 6, 2017

April 6, 2017

e-link is an online, weekly newsletter for Regina and area employees, physicians and volunteers of the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

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Quality and Safety news:

Best MRI wait times here in the region

RQHR has the best MRI wait times in the province thanks to the great work of many in Medical Imaging.

HIV Nurses at the forefront then and now: 25th annual conference

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Access/Patient Flow news:

New after-hours booking rules for emergency surgeries ensure timely care

A pilot project which has introduced a new set of rules governing how surgeons book after-hours emergency surgeries is resulting in patients getting procedures within appropriate timeframes.

System Sustainability news:

Region finances, looking good

Below is a brief update on our financial position as of the end of February. With the recent Provincial Budget announcement, I would also like to update you on what this means for us moving into 2017-18, and some of the financial planning that has already occurred for next fiscal year.

OR staff start small, deliver big

It started with one.

Transformation Talk

The media and the transformation: What we're hearing

I wanted to take a moment to comment about some of the media stories that came as a result of our Board meeting last week, which included a focus on our strategic direction and operating budget. The headline in the Leader Post the following day was certainly sensationalized, and I recognize that during this time of uncertainty for our staff, that didn’t help matters.