Your health, mental and physical, is important

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Your health, mental and physical, is important

As we move through this transition, I expect you, like the rest of us, are looking for information each week that will bring clarity to your future.  The truth is that the clarity we seek will not come as soon as we might wish.

That’s why I wanted to focus this week’s message on encouraging you to check in on your own personal health and wellbeing – two things that can get lost when we get stressed and anxious about our future.  Providing safe, high-quality care for our patients, clients and residents also means taking steps to keep ourselves safe, healthy and supported.  I know we didn’t all have the luxury of taking time off this past weekend to spend with family and friends, but I do hope that you make a point of looking after yourself and regularly connecting with the passions and interests you have outside of work.

The region also offers two programs that provide support to employees who need it.  The first is the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), which provides staff with immediate and confidential help for any work, health or life concern including stress, work/life balance, mental and physical health, to name just a few.  In addition to EFAP, the Trauma Support/CISM service is available on a 24‐hour basis, through a network of specially trained counselors who respond immediately to traumatic events.  Both programs are provided by Morneau Shepell, through a contract managed by 3S Health on behalf of the health system. 

This week’s Celebrating Our Success (see below) focuses on an individual who, with the support of friends, the health system and our partners, changed his life.  His quote near the end of the article reminds us that “Sometimes we have to reach out and ask.”  So please take a moment to read more at the following links and contact an occupational health nurse or Employee Health and Safety Services with any questions you may have on these or the other supports we offer:

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Critical Incident and Stress Management (CISM) Service

Provincial Transition Team Update

This week’s update from the Transition Team touches on a new working group of physicians and laboratory administrators that has been established to support the transition team in considering the vision of clinical service delivery for laboratory medicine in the province. While major clinical health service redesign is not within the scope of transition work, this working group will engage with the health system and make recommendations for the new Provincial Health Authority to consider for implementation after it launches in fall 2017.

Please click here for more information in this week’s Transition Team update. 

Celebrating Our Success

Today, e-link features an inspiring story about a man who took back control of his life.  This is a great example of the impact we can make when we work with our partners, in this case the justice system and our integrated primary care team, namely Eagle Moon Health Office and our Connecting to Care program. Ken Manitopyes was given the support he needed to manage his own health, prevent future hospital visits and participate more fully in the community.  In turn, he’s inspiring his family to also make positive change and is giving back by telling his story to others.  Without this service integration and the focus on the needs of our patients, we would not have supported Ken in getting back his health and his life.

Feedback and Questions

Please continue to watch for weekly Transformation Talk messages from me, aligned with updates I receive from the Transition Team. They’ll also appear regularly in e-link.
Your feedback is always welcome, both on these messages and on the transformation itself. Send your comments and questions to

Keith Dewar, President and CEO

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