What’s our highest priority?

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What’s our highest priority?

It is to maintain and improve the quality and safety of the services we provide, but how do we do this?

In both the RQHR’s interim business and strategic plans, all work flows from three focus areas. The first of those three is Quality and Safety and this article will introduce you to the initiatives that support this work. 

What is Quality and Safety?

Everyone has a right to safe, high-quality health care provided in a safe environment. This is the foundation of the region’s strategic focus on Quality and Safety and is why so much of your daily work revolves around delivering high quality, safe care.

But, where did this ‘focus’ on Quality and Safety come from?

The Business Plan

It all starts with the Strategic Plan. This plan identifies three focus areas and multi-year outcomes the province expects the region to achieve by 2020. From this plan, the 2017-18 Interim Business Plan is built. This is the region’s one-year work plan that guides the region towards achieving the goals and targets approved by the Board in the Strategic Plan.

The Business Plan focuses on high priority, cross-functional initiatives, measures and targets where Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has joint responsibility for leading, monitoring and reporting. The Business Plan is supported by plans made throughout the organization developed at a portfolio, service line, program and unit level. These cascading plans are how you and every other employee in the region play a role in ensuring we, as an organization, achieve success.

All plans support the three areas of focus: Quality and Safety, Access/Patient Flow and System Sustainability and next week in e-link we will discuss the region’s second focus area.

What we are working to achieve

The region’s senior leadership team has picked the following work as a means to achieve success on reaching the targets established by the province. From these initiatives, plans throughout the organization are made, and it’s these plans that affect your daily work.

2017-18 Quality and Safety Interim Business Plan initiatives:

  • Clinician Report Cards-Linking quality and accountability
    • By March 31, 2018, three Programs and five physician groups will utilize Program-Specific Report Cards.
  • Appropriateness Program
    • By March 31, 2018, eight of 32 Appropriateness of Care projects will be completed, audited and implemented.
  • Hand Hygiene Audit and Reporting – Implemented
    • By March 31, 2018, 80 per cent of clinical areas will demonstrate 100 per cent compliance in Hand Hygiene
  • Launch Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) Using Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Order Management
  • Embed Stop the Line / “SAFER” principles
    • By March 31, 2018 – 25 per cent increase in near-miss/potential events reported compared to actual events reported.
    • Process measure: By March 31, 2018 - 100 per cent of units will be conducting DVM/safety huddles.
  • Violence Prevention Strategy – Implementation
    • Outcome measure: 25 per cent reduction in Lost Time Claims related to violence by March 31, 2018. Process Measures: 75 per cent of staff oriented to the policy by July 31, 2017.
    • Action plan created for 100 per cent high-risk areas by Oct 31, 2017.
  • Eliminate Harm to Staff - Reduce Employee Injuries
    • By March 31, 2018, achieve a 25 per cent reduction from 2016-17 actual number of Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) Lost Time Claims per 100 FTE.
    • By September 31, 2017, 100 per cent of units/areas performing two TLR or SMART audits per month.

Where do I fit in?

The Interim Business Plan is not a stand-alone document. You, along with every other employee and practitioner in the region have a role to play in ensuring we can meet the targets we set out to achieve. Every portfolio, service line, program and unit will have its own plan, which should contribute to our overall success.  For example, hand hygiene is an initiative that should be monitored and discussed at every visibility wall region-wide.

Everyone in the region is working toward making those targets a reality, including you.

Learn more about the initiatives that fall under Quality and Safety by visiting the Strategic Sharepoint site on the Intranet.   The site is still in development, but new information is uploaded regularly.

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