Weekly update: Announcing the second round of successful executive directors

March 1, 2018

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Weekly update: Announcing the second round of successful executive directors

Saskatchewan Health Authority Employees and Physicians and Partners:

The second phase of transition to fully develop the Saskatchewan Health Authority's (SHA) out-of-scope senior leadership organizational structure is still ongoing. I am proud of the progress that’s been made and wanted to express my gratitude to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and Human Resource department for their dedication and support.

With that, I am very pleased to announce and welcome the second round of successful Executive Directors who will join a variety of portfolios in our organization that includeInfrastructure, Information & Support, Integrated Northern Health, Integrated Rural Health and Provincial Programs. I would also like to inform you that the Senior Medical Health Officer position has now been posted for competition on Gateway Online. As we work together to build a fully integrated senior leadership structure that can support the delivery of high quality, timely health care across Saskatchewan, please watch for more names to be announced on the Leadership and Structure page in the coming weeks.

I can also report on an early development in the third phase of the out-of-scope transition process. Director level positions in the areas of Governance and Policy and Community Engagement and Communications will be posted in the coming days. Recruitment for all other Director level positions will be on hold until the other portfolio’s Executive Directors are in place and able to determine the needs of their teams. Please watch for the job descriptions to be posted on the Intranet, and for the positions to be posted for competition on Gateway Online, Gateway Online (RQHR) and the Health Careers in Saskatchewan website.

Committees of the Board are beginning to meet to develop their terms of reference and work plans for the 2018/19 fiscal year. Currently these committees include Governance and Human Resources, Quality and Safety, Audit, Finance and Risk and the Board Practitioner Hearing Committee. A Practitioner Liaison Committee is also being developed. The Board is meeting today to review its 2018/19 work plan and receive reports from the Committees of the Board.

While these transition activities are integral to our organization, so are the relationships we share with the communities we serve. Maintaining local connections is a priority for the SHA and we continue to engage with key stakeholders, health providers and community groups throughout Saskatchewan’s health system. Next week I will be presenting to theSaskatchewan Chamber of Commerce on the multi-year journey we are on to transform health care for the people of Saskatchewan. It is these types of engagement opportunities that allow us to share our accomplishments and, in particular, the great work you are doing every day to improve patient care. If there are any community groups or organizations that you would like our senior leaders to learn more about, I encourage you to share their information with me through the email address below.

Please remember that you can access these transition progress highlights on theweekly updates page of the Intranet. TheTransition Guide also serves as a great resource for you to see what the plan is moving forward and remind us of the accomplishments we have shared in our journey ahead.

If you have any questions, feedback about this process or engagement opportunities you wish to share, please feel free to email info@saskhealthauthority.ca.

Thank you,

Scott Livingstone
CEO, Saskatchewan Health Authority


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