The plan for Emergency Medical Services after the transformation

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The plan for Emergency Medical Services after the transformation

I have been receiving questions from staff about how some of our services will transition to a provincial model. Emergency Medical Services is one of those, and one that the Advisory Panel called out specifically as an opportunity to better streamline care throughout the province for our patients and their families.

It might not be very reassuring but at this time I am not aware of any decisions being made in relation to EMS services.  The commitment of the Provincial Transition Team any recommended changes would be supported by appropriate planning and consultation.  This will take some time.  In the meantime, I will remind us all of the importance in staying focused on our current work, such as that outlined in the region’s 2017-18 Business Plan.  This Plan supports a successful transition to the new provincial health authority while maintaining our continued focus on improving the quality, safety and access to our services.

This week, I also wanted to provide you with an update on our region’s response to the voluntary separation packages that were offered to senior leaders in our organization.  I’m very proud to say that no one on our executive team elected to pursue a package, meaning the strong leadership that exists in RQHR will continue during this transition period.

Provincial Transition Team update

Yesterday, the Minister of Health introduced the legislation required to establish the Provincial Health Authority.  You can read the full news release here and a question and answer document has also been attached.

The Transition Team has also acquired two physicians to their team: Dr. Bruce Murray, Senior Medical Officer from the Prairie North Health Region and Dr. Kevin Wasko, a family physician from Swift Current.

Please click here for more information in this week’s Transition Team update.

Celebrating Our Success

Our Emergency Medical Services are celebrating an important milestone this Saturday, with their 30th-anniversary gala. Throughout the years these individuals have seen all kinds of changes to the way that care is delivered across our health system. I am very proud of their commitment to providing safe, high-quality patient care, particularly given the extra stress of being first responders during some very traumatic and terrifying situations. Hopefully, none of us have to dial 9-1-1, but when the unthinkable happens, there is comfort in knowing that these highly skilled professionals will be there when we need them the most. Congratulations on such an important milestone event.

Feedback and Questions

Please continue to watch for weekly Transformation Talk messages from me, aligned with updates I receive from the Transition Team.  They’ll also appear regularly in eLink.

I would like to thank those who have sent in your feedback.  It is always welcome, both on these messages and on the transformation itself. Please continue to send your comments and questions to

Keith Dewar
President and CEO

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