The latest on the Enovation Replacement Project

January 19, 2017

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The latest on the Enovation Replacement Project

Providing safe, high quality care to our patients is Job #1 and full implementation of the Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER) system results in a dependable, high quality system that supports the safest care possible.

The project is on track for the Feb. 25, 2017 go live date with a fully implemented SER system.   

Operational workflows are changing to ensure a smooth transition to the new registration system when Enovation is no longer available.

Important change of note for care providers - Effective Feb 12th

  • We are changing our registration process to improve patient identification and patient safety by standardizing the patient name.  The name that appears on the patient’s Health Services Card will be the standard name that will be used and displayed on all electronic clinical systems (Sunrise facility boards, Centricity pharmacy, Softlab, etc.), armbands and cards.  
  • When  registering patients by the name on the health services card, the registration clerk  will also  ask patients  if they prefer  to be called something other  than what is on their Health Services Card,  and if so,  the registration clerk will also enter this name.   This name will be seen in SCM as an ALIAS. 
  • On the care unit, if a patient identifies to staff that they prefer to be called something other than what appears on their health card and it is not seen in SCM as an ALIAS the care unit can call or e-mail registration to document this name to show as an alias.

Training Sessions for user groups continuing

Contact the IT Support Centre @ 766-7979   or email to register.

From January 9 -16, 2017

“Train the Trainer” sessions took place at the RGH, PH and WRC.  Training included processes for capturing comments, health issues and consults in SCM, and where applicable, updating the identification of the attending physician, all of which will go live in SCM on Feb 25, 2017 with the activation of Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER). At the RGH, training included change in process from generating order requisitions for some service areas in Enovation to   SCM.

Beginning February 6, 2017

SER Registration Training Classes are available. This training will provide information on how to enter a new patient into the SER central patient index or update information on existing patients with basic information such as name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number.  Target audiences include those persons that register patients for visits (either acute or ambulatory) and create patient visits (e.g. Lab or Diagnostic Imaging).  The IT client services team has developed the training schedule and have touched base with those requiring training.  


  • At Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER) system go live, patient lists that are  currently generated in Enovation  will cease to exist and SCM will be the source of patient lists – physician groups and care areas have been engaged to identify and address their needs for obtaining  patient lists in SCM. SCM training sessions and on demand options are available by calling the support desk @ 766-7979.  By February 25, 2017 utilization of SCM patient lists will be fully implemented.
  • On February 25, 2017, the nursing worksheet currently generated in Enovation will also be unavailable.  A standardized SCM care handover report exists as a replacement and is currently in use in many areas. Implementation in care areas currently using the Enovation nursing worksheet prior to SER go live is needed.   If you need assistance from the IT/SCM team, please contact   Lori Hopfauf by phone @ 766-6873 or

For anyone in your area identified as benefiting from an SCM refresher, or with the decommissioning of Enovation,  will need to be given SCM access and training IT has some options for learning and support, including: 

  • Scheduled Instructor Led Orientation: contact the IT Support Centre to register: 306.766.7979
  • Instructional Videos available on the RQHR Intranet

As this exciting project moves forward, please watch for updates that will continue to come your way! 

Who can I call if I have any questions?

Randy Orban
Project Manager, Enovation Replacement Project

Lori Hopfauf   
Knowledge and Technology Services

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