Take a bow! Emergency staff, physician applauded for top-notch care

August 31, 2017

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Take a bow! Emergency staff, physician applauded for top-notch care

A lot of people complain about our health care system, so I figured I'd share a positive experience!

Noah Myers rests at Regina General Hospital’s Emergency Department. Photo courtesy of Carla Myers.

The evening of Aug. 20, my five-year-old son Noah developed a bad cough that kept him up half the night. When he woke up in the morning, he told me he wasn't able to breathe properly, and I could hear him wheezing with every breath. With his asthma history, and our GP being away all week, I decided it would be best to take him to the General Hospital.

When we got there, we waited two minutes to be registered, then maybe another five minutes to be triaged. Once they took his vitals and weighed him, they sent us straight back to a room. A nurse was waiting for us when we got there and they gave him a gown to change into and started asking questions. Maybe 10 minutes later, the doctor came in. She assessed him and gave a plan of action. She ordered his inhalers and the oral steroid and, within 10 minutes, we had his meds to start. He had to do three rounds of two different inhalers, taking seven puffs of one, and four of the other, every 20 mins. After his rounds were done, the doctor was back to assess him. She saw a significant improvement and said we could go home so he could rest. The doctor gave us another dose of the steroid to take with us and an inhaler to take if needed. The nurses who helped us brought him a Popsicle for being such a good patient and gave him high fives. We left with a happy little boy who could breathe easily again. All in all, it was a fabulous experience, and the nurses and doctor were so great with my little boy. And we were in and out in about two hours.

Carla Myers


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