Spiritual care providers still available in health region

November 16, 2017

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Spiritual care providers still available in health region

Spirituality defines how we find meaning, purpose and hope in our life. To be spiritual is to be human, and to be human is to be spiritual. Spirituality is much more than religious identity.

In health care, as in life, when one’s spirit is challenged through crisis, we can experience what is referred to as spiritual distress, spiritual pain, or soul pain — a suffering of the deepest kind. It is a wrestling with the imponderable questions of life and death.

Spiritual care is care of the human spirit. Religious care, including prayer, sacraments and rituals, may be a part of the spiritual care that is provided.

The provincial government eliminated funding for the Spiritual Care program in its March budget however, RQHR would like its patients and clients to know that trained spiritual care practitioners and community faith leaders are still available to provide spiritual care services. If you would like to arrange such services, please speak to a nurse on your unit.

The following numbers are provided for your convenience:

Anglican Clergy
Phone: 306-535-3115

Lutheran Clergy
Phone: 306-536-3897

Phone: 306-551-7755

Living Skies Spiritual Care
Phone: 306-580-9580

Chaplain & Priest on call at Pasqua Hospital
Phone: 306-519-1380

Chaplain & Priest on call Regina General Hospital: 
Cell Phone: 306-519-1405

Chaplain & Priest on call WRC Extended Care & Veterans: 
Phone: 306-530-6511

MULTI-FAITH for WRC Veterans:
Phone: 306-766-5439

Switchboard has an emergency contact list for other religious communities.

Jan Besse
Executive Director, Clinical Support
Rehabilitation, Spiritual Care, Native Health Services, Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacy & Interim VP Medical Imaging
Chair, Clinical Ethics Committee/Support Service

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