RQHR’s Accountable Care Unit continues to turn heads

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RQHR’s Accountable Care Unit continues to turn heads

Sherilyn Bray and Dr. Ron Taylor with their poster presentation.

Congratulations to Sherilyn Bray and Dr. Ron Taylor, co-leads of Canada’s first Accountable Care Unit (ACU) at Pasqua Hospital’s unit 4A.  This past weekend, both flew to sunny Las Vegas to participate in the Society of Hospital Medicine 2017 conference.  They presented an ACU poster picked as a finalist in the “Research and Clinical Innovation Scientific Poster Competition,” which outlined 4A’s work to further hospital medicine by supporting safe, high-quality patient care.  Though not the eventual winners, RQHR continues to be proud of these two and the work of all those involved with implementing Accountable Care Unit principles in our facilities. 

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