Ready yourself to tackle change

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Ready yourself to tackle change

Our transition to a single health authority is an enormous undertaking.  Although some change will take place by the Fall of 2017, the full scope of this work will take much, much longer than that. 

How can we get involved in transition work when our area isn’t directly impacted?  In some ways, we already are.  For years we’ve reflected on the expectation that we would “think and act as one system,” which should be easier now that our regional borders will be fading away.  Collaboration is one of RQHR’s values, and now more than ever it’s important to reach out to your colleagues in other areas of the province to understand barriers, challenges and opportunities to work towards common solutions that improve the quality and safety of our services for all our patients, clients, residents and their families. 

I have previously reflected on the importance of looking after yourself and addressing your own personal needs to manage your health and wellbeing during this period —readying yourself to tackle change as it happens.  Have you heard about the practice of mindfulness?  Dr. James Pappas spoke to this concept at our Q4/Management Forum last week.  There is a lot of really interesting information available on the topic of mindfulness that can help us centre our minds and bodies so we are better able to manage change.  You may also like this video that explains the benefits of mindfulness (best viewed in Google Chrome)::

As we move through this change, no doubt we’ll also consider what it means to us personally.  I’ve always said that there will be a place for all of us in the new Authority, although we may not have the same roles we do right now nor work with the same group of people.  As for me, I’ve decided not to put my name forward for consideration for the CEO position of the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  My decision means that my role in the health system will be finished when the responsibilities of the CEO position at RQHR are transferred to the new CEO.  This is expected to occur in the fall of this year.  I made this decision for personal reasons and it is not, in any way, a reflection on the direction being taken.  My commitment to supporting the successful transition to a single health authority will continue as will my commitment to supporting the efforts of each of you, the 11,000 staff and physicians and our patient and family advisors, to continue to improve the quality and safety of the services we provide to the 500,000 plus people we serve in southern Saskatchewan.

Provincial Transition Team Update

This week’s message from the Transition Team provides a bit more information about the work underway in the Financial Services workstream.  More deep-dive messages like these are expected as work in each of the corporate areas progresses.

Here is the link to this week’s Transition Team update (best viewed in Google Chrome):

Celebrating Success

This week, congratulations go to the Health Science Library staff, who have been making strides to improve access to library collections across the health regions by making it more efficient—a great example of inter-region collaboration that started even before the provincial transformation was formally announced.  This past August, the Library signed a memorandum of understanding with two other regions (Saskatoon and Prince Albert Parkland) to collaborate on the new integrated library system – Alma/Primo.  Other regions are also interested in joining, which is great news and will make a direct contribution to our goal of “thinking and acting as one system.”  The integrated library system is expected to go live later this month.  Their collective efforts reinforce the point that even if you are not part of a current transition team you do not have to wait until they formally bring a team together in your service area.  You can work with your colleagues across the province to better position your service area to reflect the principle that we are all one health system. 

Feedback and Questions

Weekly Transformation Talk messages are aligned with updates we receive from the Transition Team.  They’ll also appear regularly in e-link.  From time to time, these messages may also come from a guest speaker.

Your feedback is always welcome, both on these messages and on the transformation itself.  Please continue to send your comments and questions to

Keith Dewar
President and Chief Executive Officer
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

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