Physicians added to Provincial Transition Team

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Physicians added to Provincial Transition Team

I was very pleased to see the Provincial Transition Team’s announcement two weeks ago on the addition of two physician leads, Drs. Kevin Wasko and Bruce Murray. At RQHR we continue to work at improving the integration of the work of our physician/practitioner leaders and the administrative leaders in their respective service areas. Combining these leadership skills results in a higher quality, safer, more effective health system.

Physician and administrative partnerships (sometimes referred to as dyads), are not new to RQHR.  In fact, they have been in place for many years in a variety of areas.  I can reflect back to my time here in 2007 when Dr. Francis Bowen and Glen Perchie were a very effective team leading our urban emergency services. Another example is the partnership between Sharon Garratt with Dr. George Carson, and subsequently Dr. Corrine Jabs in Women’s and Children’s Health.  Joint physician and administrative leadership is also a critical piece of the Accountable Care Unit (ACU) methodology, which we celebrated two weeks ago with the provincial announcement that more ACUs will be funded in Regina and Saskatoon.  

Dr. Joanne McLeod spoke at the event and I found her comments especially powerful. “Bringing to the forefront a better way of providing in-hospital care does not take away all the great work that has been provided by health care providers in the past,” she said.  “Medicine is growing and changing, just like everything else in life, and therefore we need to adapt and grow to meet the new challenges that arise.”

That notion of innovation and teamwork also translates to our work in the community, as we seek to continue enhancing our primary health care work. Practitioners are and will continue to be an integral component of this work.

Provincial Transition Team Update

The Transition Team continues to work on establishing design principles for the new Authority. This includes a high-level overview of how the Authority will operate, look and feel like in the future. In addition, work is happening with many of the corporate services areas to identify what needs to be in place to ensure the Authority is successful on day one.

Please click here for more information in this week’s Transition Team update. 

Celebrating Our Success

A current example of where an effective physician and administrative partnership has benefitted our patients can be seen through the work of the Surgical Executive Committee. The group, made of department and section heads and co-chaired with administrative leadership, is responsible for decision-making, long-term planning and delivering on the expectations that are established for the surgical program. Most recently, they implemented a pilot project to standardize the operating room after-hours booking rules across all disciplines, enabling the patient to receive the right care much sooner than they had before. The tremendous success they achieved can be attributed physician leaders' active involvement with the administration in designing and implementing the identified improvements. 

 You can learn more about this success in this eLink article.

Feedback and Questions

Please continue to watch for weekly Transformation Talk messages from me, aligned with updates I receive from the Transition Team. They’ll also appear regularly in eLink.

I would like to thank those who have sent in your feedback. It is always welcome, both on these messages and on the transformation itself. Please continue to send your comments and questions to

Keith Dewar, President and CEO

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