Perspective of a Volunteer Leader of Live Well Programs

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Perspective of a Volunteer Leader of Live Well Programs

I am a volunteer leader and master trainer of the Live Well with Chronic Conditions and Self-Management of Chronic Pain programs. I took the training to become a volunteer peer leader for the Live Well with Chronic Conditions ten years ago when the program started in Regina. I have since taken the peer leader training for the Self-Management of Chronic Pain and the Master Trainer courses.

Roselyn Veitch, at a recent volunteer appreciation event.

These 10 years have been a most rewarding and enjoyable time in my life. I have met so many wonderful people as participants and facilitators of the program.

These programs consist of one day a week for six weeks of very interactive and informative sessions. On the first session, many of the participants come with a feeling of hopelessness and thinking they are alone battling their condition. After sharing the problems their condition causes them, they realize they are not alone with the many problems they are facing. Even those with different conditions experience many of the same symptoms.  As the sessions continue, we see many changes come about. The pain stricken faces change and smiles begin to appear; just like watching flowers bloom.

Through interaction and sharing information, the participants learn many coping skills and new ways to manage their chronic condition. The participants leave knowing they are not alone and are good self-managers of their condition.

I have learned so much from the participants and fellow facilitators over the past ten years. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be part of people helping people.

Thank you,

Roselyn Veitch  

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