Leading by example: employee first in line for annual flu vaccine

November 16, 2017

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Leading by example: employee first in line for annual flu vaccine

An RQHR employee gets her flu shot. Photo: Communications

Tina Ann Lintott, a continuing care aid at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre is usually the first employee to get her flu shot every year.

Lintott has been an RQHR employee for 17 years and worked “on every unit” but now works on the Veterans Unit.

“I value getting the flu shot. I believe it helps keep the residents and my family safe, so I’m usually first in line. It safeguards you against getting sick.”

Lintott said she takes extra precautions not just for herself but because she works with elderly patients.

“Like one person is 105, one is 101, many are in their 90s. I get it yearly because I want them to be safe.”

Every year her influenza vaccine is administered by Traci Jo Schmidt, an occupational health nurse.

“She’s so delicate and gentle. She’s an excellent nurse. Over the last 17 years I’ve gotten to know her and she’s able to tell me what’s in it yearly, she’s very informed.”

“For as many years as I can recall, Tina has taken humble pride in being first in line for seasonal influenza vaccination,” added Schmidt. “I am so pleased there may be an opportunity to publically recognize her admirable patient and employee safety mindedness.”

RQHR encourages all employees and the general public to consider getting their flu shot. For a list of free clinics in Regina, go to:  http://www.rqhealth.ca/flu/2017-flu-clinic-events

Employees in Regina looking to get avaccination can go to an Employee Health and Safety office during regular work hours.

In rural areas vaccinations will be available through peer immunizers at various rural sites, as well through rural employee health nurses at Employee Health Clinics. For more information go to: http://rhdintranet/ohs/public/Immunization/Influenza.htm



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