Leadership has no meaning without change

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Leadership has no meaning without change

Last week, Workforce Planning and Development began holding change leadership sessions for management staff, providing an opportunity for those in formal leadership roles to better understand change and how we can support our teams through it.

The following is an excerpt from the cover memo Sharon Bishop distributed when introducing the sessions:Leadership has no meaning without change. Change and continuous improvement is a constant in today’s ever evolving, uncertain, and complex health care environment.  Effective change leadership is a critical competency expected of health care leaders.  Change leadership is “informal and formal leaders enabling, inspiring, and supporting people through change.”  It is not something additional that we do—it is inherent to what health care leaders do every day.  Leaders ‘make things happen’ to ensure patients, clients and residents receive high quality, safe, and responsive service that meets their needs. Sharon hit on a few key points – change is a constant in our work environment and leadership will be provided by individuals in formal leadership roles as well as those who are not.  As we navigate this transition to a provincial health authority, leaders of all descriptions will be necessary to help us through the change.  Key to all of this is the flexibility and resiliency that will be necessary to adapt to further changes as they come.  And we need to be there to support those around us.

Provincial Transition Team Update

This week’s update from the Transition Team mentions a visit to Saskatoon Health Region to learn more about their “cellular model,” similar to their visit in April to RQHR to further explore our Primary Health Care model.  These discussions are helping to inform how best to support the staff and physicians in the new organization.  The update also notes details from the first meeting of the Physician Advisory Network which I think you will find interesting.  Of note, there are three RQHR physicians on this Network including Dr. Kathy Lawrence, Dr. Juliet Soper and Dr. Guruswarmy Sridhar.

Please click here for more information in this week’s Transition Team update. 

Celebrating Success

I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to Workforce Planning and Development, a small team that has stepped up to the plate to address a need within our organization to better support change leadership through the development and delivery of the sessions I mentioned earlier.  Led by Sharon Bishop, this team is passionate about helping people develop as leaders so they are better prepared to support their colleagues to be successful and engaged in their work.  Thank you for your commitment to this important work.

Feedback and Questions

Weekly Transformation Talk messages are aligned with updates we receive from the Transition Team.  They’ll also appear regularly in e-link.  From time to time, these messages may also come from a guest speaker.

Your feedback is always welcome, both on these messages and on the transformation itself.  Please continue to send your comments and questions tocommunications@rqhealth.ca.

Keith Dewar
President and Chief Executive Officer

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