Hospital pharmacists— an integral part of your health-care team

March 1, 2018

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Hospital pharmacists— an integral part of your health-care team

March is Pharmacy Awareness Month. Hospital pharmacists are medication experts who evaluate a patient’s medications to ensure they are needed, effective and safe.

Kirsten Sweet, pharmacist with Colby Anweiler, a technician at Pasqua Hospital. Photo: Medical Media Services

Pharmacists meticulously review each patient’s information to make evidence-based assessments of the treatment. The pharmacy team works in close collaboration with other health-care professionals to ensure the most appropriate care is being provided to patients.

Beyond managing current and new medications, your pharmacy team also provides education on how to use new medication devices, create personalized care plans, identify therapeutic alternatives and empower their patients to be involved in their own health care and medication decisions.

When a pharmacist is involved in direct patient care, as well as drug use programs, there are better patient outcomes, decreased emergency room visits, decreased hospital re-admissions, decreased length of stay, decreased overall health-care costs, and fewer adverse drug reactions.

What can your hospital pharmacist can do for you?

• Provide information about individual medications to assist in decisions relating to drug therapy;
• Notify physicians and other health-care professionals of contraindications or intolerances to medication therapy;
• Monitor medication therapy to facilitate the achievement of patient specific goals;
• Serve as a resource for current, evidence-based information;
• Assist in medication-related decisions after evaluating patient specific factors and their medical history;
• Implement programs to enhance communication between hospital staff and those in the community to ensure better patient care through collaboration and follow-up; and
• Pharmacists work independently so they are easily accessible

On March 13 pharmacy students will be providing information at booths at Regina General and Pasqua Hospital from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Visit the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists at to find more out about Pharmacy Awareness Month. CSHP is using #PAM2018 on social media to celebrate and encourage you to do the same.

Submitted on behalf of Regina’s Hospital Pharmacists

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