Common goals bind us together

August 31, 2017

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Common goals bind us together

Please Note: The Aug. 31 Transformation Talk is guest authored by Karen Earnshaw, Vice President of Integrated Health Services. Karen gives her perspective on the changes ahead of us.

Transition is synonymous with change. While we all recognize that change is a constant, we often are intimidated by it, or may say we embrace change, all the while telling ourselves “as long as it’s everyone else that has to change and not me.” 

In Primary Health Care (PHC) we are a large and diverse team who are immersed in change every day. The magnitude of the changes range from new name tags, to where we work, who is on our team, our hours of work and the services we deliver. No matter how big or small the changes, they are all aligned to a common goal: improving access to everyday health services and ensuring the right service, in the right place, by the right provider all of the time. 

The goals of the transition to a single health authority are very similar: improved access, better health outcomes, system sustainability and a superior patient and family experience. When considered in this way, it is easy to see that we all want to reach the same end goals! 

Celebrating Success

A recent edition of elink featured an article that celebrates a variety of initiatives introduced by RQHR PHC to increase childhood immunization rates, including:

  • Family appointments in schools;
  • Adding same-day, evening, weekend and drop-in appointments;
  • In-home immunizations for families with special challenges, particularly related to transportation and child care;
  • Partnering with community resources to provide incentives such as free books, snacks at clinics and gift cards;
  • Partnering with on-reserve health clinics and providers in rural RQHR; and
  • Neighbourhood blitzes and door-knocking to increase awareness in general, and make families aware of the new array of options available to ensure their children get immunized. 

All of these have required change, but in the end, parents and families have improved access to ensure their children receive life-saving immunizations where and when they need it. 

Click here to read the full story. 

Provincial Transition Team Update

This week’s Transition Team report includes a message from the newly appointed CEO of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Scott Livingstone.

Please click here for more information in this week’s Transition Team update. 

Feedback and Questions

Weekly Transformation Talk messages are aligned with updates we receive from the Transition Team.  They’ll also appear regularly ine-link.  From time to time, these messages may also come from a guest author.

Your feedback is always welcome, both on these messages and on the transformation itself.  Please continue to send your comments and questions to

Karen Earnshaw
Vice President, Integrated Health Services
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region


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