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Patients and families at the heart of our work

The Regina area of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (formerly Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region) is improving how we do our work so that it’s focused on what patients, residents, clients and their families want and need from a health care system.

We are using proven improvement approaches to tackle problems as we work with patients and their families to create a patient-centred culture.

Our goal is to provide reliable, safe and timely care for every patient.

These improvement methods are helping us reduce waits for services, ensure tests and procedures are appropriate, address activities which may cause harm to patients or staff, create more time for caregivers to be with their patients, and build better teams.

Our journey is part of a province-wide initiative to continuously improve the health care system.

We welcome patients, residents, clients and their families to participate in improvement work. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Our News

Less waiting, more choices for residents

05-Apr-2016:  Changes in work practices at Grenfell Pioneer Home mean that residents wait 86 per cent less before being assisted to breakfast.

Medication process improves patient safety

12-Apr-2016:  Physicians and nurses on Unit 5E now use a standard form to ensure changes to a patient's medications are appropriately communicated.

Safer care for surgical patients

05-Apr-2016:  Pre-operative patients at Pasqua Hospital whose surgeries are cancelled now get food/fluid within a reasonable time after cancellation.

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