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Travel alerts and advisories will inform travellers about current health or vaccine supply issues related to specific destinations. These issues may affect the traveller's health and safety.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Shortage

North America is currently experiencing a shortage of the vaccine for Yellow Fever, which may extend until 2018.  This shortage of vaccine may affect your travel plans.  

If you have not booked your travel, please determine if yellow fever vaccination is required for your trip. You can access this information from the Public Health Agency of Canada website:

Until this shortage is resolved by the manufacturer, the RQHR Travel Health Centre will be carefully managing and monitoring our current supply and implementing guidelines on use of existing vaccine supply. 

NOTE: Throughout this shortage, vaccine may not be available for the following individuals:
  • Anyone who has received yellow fever vaccine in the past is now considered protected for life, so it is important to find and keep these documents for border proof.
  • Individuals travelling to an area where Yellow Fever vaccine is “Generally Not Recommended”, due to low risk. Risk of transmission of yellow fever does not necessarily occur throughout a country. This is important to consider when planning travel to countries where risk of yellow fever transmission is present (eg. Brazil).
  • Individuals who are travelling to areas where there is NO risk of yellow fever transmission, but where proof of yellow fever vaccination is an “Entry Requirement”. We will provide appropriate documentation for entry purposes.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
RQHR Travel Health Centre 


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