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Karen Earnshaw
Vice President, Integrated Health Services
Primary Health Care Service Line

2180-23rd Avenue, Regina, SK
S4S 0A5
Phone: (306) 766-5489
Fax: (306) 766-5151
Email: karen.earnshaw@rqhealth.ca

Ms. Karen Earnshaw is Vice President of Integrated Health Services, responsible for Primary Health Care Service Line.

Ms. Earnshaw started her health career in Alberta as a nurse in 1984 and completed her BScN in 2003. She moved to Saskatchewan in 1991 where she held a number of nursing positions at rural health facilities. Ms. Earnshaw accepted her first Management position as Manager at Indian Head Union Hospital. Since then she has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of leadership positions across the RQHR. She has led teams in rural long term care, acute care and primary health care and until recently was the Executive Director of Rural Health Facilities. Ms. Earnshaw is currently registered with the Saskatchewan Association of Registered Nurses.

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