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You do the test, we'll do the rest! The province of Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health outlines that HIV testing should be done at least once every five (5) years on all patients regardless of their perceived risk. Those at higher risk should be tested more frequently – annually, quarterly or even monthly (in specific circumstances) if the patient continues with a high risk lifestyle.

The Role of the Health Care Provider

Do not assume that your patient is low risk. Many patients may not be aware of risk as they can only control their behavior and not the behavior of their partners. Other patients may not recall participating in activities that put them at risk. Population and Public Health Services encourages health care providers order testing as you would for any other routine screening tests, like a PAP Smear. This recommendation also fits with the Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) protocols for ordering diagnostic tests. More information can be found at the CWC Website


Additional information specific to HIV testing and programs in Saskatchewan is available at . This website contains information and  Clinical Reference tools to support health care providers in HIV testing, interpreting results and treatment options.


Population and Public Health Services (PPHS) understands that delivering HIV positive test results to a patient can be an uncomfortable situation for health care providers. To assist you, the Communicable Disease team at PPHS is available to assist you. The Saskatchewan HIV Testing policy for health care providers, including the role that PPHS can play in delivering test results, is available  here.

The Role of the Patient

Patients are also being encouraged to ask their health care provider about getting an HIV test. Coupons for 1 Free HIV Test are being distributed to residents around the RQHR at events in 2017. This card is also posted on the HIV Information webpage for patients. A copy is attached below for reference. If you have a patient bring this card in, please discuss the benefits of HIV testing and get consent before ordering the test.

If you would like to discuss HIV testing with the PPHS Communicable Disease team, they can be reached at:


Communicable Disease Team

Population and Public Health Services


Say Yes to the Test

To asisst Health Care Providers in educating patients on the importance of testing, a series of posters has been developed for use in waiting rooms or office settings. Below, you will find six posters - they all have the same messaging but the images have been changed to appeal to a large variety of patients. Please print and use as needed. 

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