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Adult Inpatient Mental Health Services in made up of inpatient, day patient, and outpatient mental health programs for adults. These programs are located on Level 1D and Level 0D at the south end of the Regina General Hospital.


Inpatient Nursing Station

Adult Inpatient Unit

The Adult Inpatient Unit is divided into East and West Wings with a total of 50 beds for adults experiencing severe mental health and / or addiction problems which cannot be managed in a community setting.

Patient and family-centered care is provided in a comprehensive, continuous, coordinated, and highly individualized manner. Patients are intimately involved in the decision-making progress regarding their care. Case conferences occur frequently throughout the course of an admission, and planning for a smooth and successful discharge begins on admission.

In addition to one-on-one nurse and physician counselling, patients are involved in a variety of supportive therapies, including psychoeducational groups, plus relaxation, recreational, and activity therapies. Other therapies, such as Electroconvulsive Therapy are used in selected cases.

Admission to the Adult Inpatient Unit is arranged by a Psychiatrist with admitting privileges in the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, whether on staff at the Mental Health Clinic, Child and Youth Services, or in private practice in the community. The Adult Inpatient Unit is a designated facility under the Mental Health Services Act; therefore, patient care is governed by this Act.

Activity Therapy Area

Adult Supportive Therapies

The purpose of Supportive Therapies is to:
• Support patients while in hospital.
• Help patients rebuild skills that have been lost due to illness.
• Build new skills that that help the patient as he / she leaves the hospital to live a healthy live.

Supportive Therapies goal is to promote hope, empowerment, self-responsibility, and a meaningful role in life.

The Supportive Therapies Team includes:
• Occupational therapy staff (Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant)
• Group Nurse
• Recreation Worker


Group sessions are offered by each team member providing the patient with holistic care.


Recovery Support Courtyard

Outpatient Programs
The Outpatient Programs are located on Level 0D at the south end of the Regina General Hospital. Outpatient programs include:
• Clozaril Clinic
• Injection Clinic
• Outpatient Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Patients are referred to these clinics by their Psychiatrist. The Clozaril, Injection, and ECT Coordinator and Program Nurse can be reached at 306-766-4339 should you need more information.

Regina General Hospital Emergency Department Mental Health Service
The Emergency Department at the Regina General Hospital has an Emergency Psychiatric Nurse Coordinator on staff to assist in individualized assessment and care of individuals who present to the Emergency Department with mental health or addiction concerns. The Emergency Psychiatric Nurse Coordinator works closely with the emergency room physicians, on-call psychiatrists, the Adult Inpatient Mental Health Unit, the Adolescent Psychiatry Unit, Community Mental Health, Addiction Services and other Region and community stakeholders to deliver high quality, coordinated services for these patients. In addition, the Coordinator provides patient and family education and support while the patient is in the Emergency Department.

The Care Team

The Care Team
All Inpatient Mental Health Services programs are made up of multidisciplinary teams, including:
• The patient and his/her family and supports
• Psychiatrists
• Registered Psychiatric Nurses
• Registered Nurses
• Continuing Care Assistants
• Social Workers
• Occupational Therapist
• Recreation Worker
• Pharmacists, Dieticians, Family Doctors, and Medical Specialists
• Health care students

Where to Find Us

Inpatient Mental Health Services                    

Regina General Hospital
1440 - 14th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan 
S4P 0W5

Director   Phone: 766-4608Fax: 766-3920
ManagerUnit 1 - DPhone: 766-4298Fax: 766-4036
ManagerUnit 4 - BPhone: 766-4064Fax: 766-4944
Adult Inpatient Unit:Unit 1 - D EastPhone: 766-4321Fax: 766-4220
 Unit 1 - D WestPhone: 766-4323Fax: 766-4036
Clinical Nurse EducatorUnit 1 - DPhone: 766-4329Fax: 766-3920
Clinical Nurse EducatorUnit 4 - BPhone: 766-4815Fax: 766-3920
Adult Supportive Therapies NurseUnit 0 - DPhone: 766-3798Fax: 766-3920
Outpatient Programs:Unit 0 - DPhone: 766-4339Fax: 766-3920
Adolescent Psychiatry Unit:Unit 4 - BPhone: 766-4218Fax: 766-4944
Recovery Support Program:Unit 0 - DPhone: 766-4394Fax: 766-3920
Psychiatric Nurse: 
Emerg. Dept, RGH

Phone: 766-4342

After hours please call Phone: 766-7800 

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