About Just Ask!

‘Just Ask!’ is a positive mental health promotion campaign. Our goals are to:

  1. Inform and engage youth about positive mental health (what it is and ways to increase it);
  2. Encourage youth to talk about personal issues or concerns and support those that do; and
  3. Change the culture so that asking questions or seeking help is celebrated as a strength rather than being thought of as a weakness.

Positive mental health helps us to enjoy life and cope with the normal stressors of life.

It involves our emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being. When our level of positive mental health is high we are thriving – developing our potential, building strong and positive relationships, learning, and making a contribution to our community – and we have a real sense of purpose. We are becoming the best possible version of ourselves.

Positive mental health is shaped by ourlife circumstances which includes the quality of ourpersonal condition (ex. genetic endowment, level of learning, developed skills/abilities, financial state, etc.) and the quality of ourlife settings, i.e., our homes, schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces (physical, emotional, social quality). We can do things to improve quality of our life circumstances, especially with the quality of the settings where we live, learn, work and play.

There are also 5 simple but significant things people can do every day to increase their positive mental health:

  1. Connect - with family, friends, neighbours, others;
  2. Be Active, Eat Well, Sleep Enough
  3. Take Notice - of your surroundings and of your inner self and savour the moment;
  4. Keep Learning - try something new or rediscover an old interest;
  5. Give - do something nice for someone, volunteer, provide and accept support.

Common Barriers to asking questions or seeking help

  • fear of being rejected, judged or teased;
  • feeling shame;
  • feeling embarrassment;
  • not knowing who to reach out to or ask questions;
  • not sure whether there are any solutions or answers;
  • fear of getting into trouble.

In the words of youth - 
"What if they….laugh at me? Make fun of me? Bully me? Hate me? Think I’m stupid? Think I’m weird? Spread rumours about me? Judge me? Shame me? Don’t understand me? Don’t accept me? Embarrass me? Leave me out? What if I get in trouble?"

Key Messages of ‘Just Ask!’

  • There is hope;
  • There are answers;
  • There's more to you than you might think
  • Free yourself;
  • We’re here for you;
  • There are answers;
  • It’s a strength to ask;
  • You're not alone;
  • Yes, you CAN make a difference;
  • Reach out;
  • Change your thinking - change your life

Our Campaign Slogan:
‘Just Ask!’


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