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Population and Public Health Services promotes the best possible nutritional health for everyone. Public Health Nutritionists are part of a population health promotion team. They work with a variety of community partners (at the local, provincial and national level) to help make it easier for residents to make healthy food choices, to develop nutrition standards and healthy public policy. They address issues like food security, breastfeeding, early childhood and school nutrition, heart health, and disordered eating.

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Meal Time with Children

Although what foods we serve is important, the mealtime environment and how we approach feeding may be more important. The Division of Responsibility of feeding is a proven and practical approach. When it comes to eating, adults (parents/caregivers) and children have very different roles or jobs. Our goal is to support parents and caregivers in feeding children well while making mealtime pleasant. 

Click on the link below for some Family Dinner Conversation Starters to help get meal time conversations and stories started!

See poster below for upcoming dates for free parent information sessions on Raising Healthy and Happy Eaters

School Newsletters and Calendar

The Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina Area, Population Public Health Services, Health Promotion Department is here to support your school in a variety of health areas including: nutrition, physical activity, positive mental health, body image, and dental health. These newsletters will highlight some of the new resources, programs, training and initiatives available and coming up near your school.

Teaching Nutrition in Saskatchewan - Curriculum support documents for Educators

The School Age sub-committee of the Public Health Nutritionists of Saskatchewan have developed SK health curriculum support documents for grades 1-7 called "Teaching Nutrition in Saskatchewan: Concepts and Resources (TNS)," et en Français "Enseignement de la nutrition en Saskatchewan (ENS): concepts et ressources." Download copies here: 

Grades 1-3

TNS English 

ENS French

Grades 4 & 5 

       TNS English

ENS French

Grade 6

      TNS English

      ENS French

Grade 7 

TNS English

ENS French (Coming Winter 2018)

Health Science 20

TNS English Draft

ENS French (Comnig Fall 2018) 

These documents link to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Health Education Curriculum, and assist educators in identifying accurate and high-quality nutrition information and links to classroom activities, videos, handouts and other resources to help meet the SK Health Education Outcomes for each grade.

To view a free archived webinar on one of the resources resource click here.

School Nutrition Posters

Each year the Public Health Nutritionists of Saskatchewan develop School Nutrition Posters for each month of the school year on a variety of nutrition-related topics. These posters can be posted in the school, used in newsletters, as a part of school announcements, posted on the school website or for Facebook or Twitter posts. Download French and English posters from the following links:




The Big Crunch!

In partnership with REACH, United Way Regina, and the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina Area, Population Public Health Services, Health Promotion Department, 'The Big Crunch!' happens every year in celebration of world food day. The Big Crunch is a special day of good food education, including a massive, synchronized bite into a local carrot making a big “crunch” sound to celebrate with other schools and students across the province. 'The Big Crunch!' will be taking place next year on Tuesday, October 16th 2018. 

For more information download the educator resource package below or contact or call 306-766-7370.

Share your Big Crunch stories and photos by emailing or by tweeting @SaskHealth with the hashtag #thebigcrunch2018. By sending us your stories and photos, you consent that the Saskatchewan Health Authority will be able to use your stories and photos on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Download the Big Crunch poster and resource package below.

Back to School Nutrition

Looking for healthy back to school meal and snack ideas and tips to eating well with children? Have a look at the downloadable resources below 'Eating well with school age children' and 'Healthy snacks: tips and ideas,' and visit our Pinterest page  here

Healthy School Concessions and Canteens

School and community concessions and canteens can help to support the health and performance of students, young athletes, families and community members by offering healthy food and drink options, and they can do all this while still making a profit!

The following resources can help you in planning a tasty, healthy, profitable canteen or concession:

Healthy School Recipes, Weblinks and Grants

Download a copy below:

School Gardening

View survey results from schools in the Regina area who have gardening initiatives outlining memorable moments, challenges, successes and strategies for overcoming barriers. See also grants available to schools for school gardening initiatives. Check out this map of school and community gardens in Regina area. 

Download a copy of the resources below for more:

The Cost of Healthy Eating in Saskatchewan

This is the fifth food costing report in Saskatchewan since 2001. The report discusses how much it costs to buy nutritious foods across the province of Saskatchewan and solutions to address food insecurity. Also included is a food cost calculator to help individuals, families, and groups estimate the cost of healthy eating for a week or a month.

The Cost of Healthy Meals and Snacks for Children and Youth in Saskatchewan

Foods and beverages served in child care settings, schools and community programs can impact children’s health and well-being. The cost of foods, as well as available program funding and budgets, impact the type of foods and beverages served. This resource shows the average cost of healthy meals and snacks for children and youth in Northern and Southern Saskatchewan. Details can be found on page 3. Using these average costs can help child care facilities, schools, and community organizations budget for child nutrition programs. Planning for the cost of healthy food helps to ensure quality food is available in meal and snack programs.

Regina Food Asset Map

This map highlights food assets located in Regina.

Food assets are places where people can grow, prepare, share, buy, receive or learn about food. At this point, the map focuses on meal programs and access to free/low-cost food.

The map is designed to:

  • provide a tool to community members and partners for locating community food assets that are current, easy to use and easily updated.
  • build community capacity to support community members dealing with food insecurity.
  • make it easier for Regina community partners to view and use community food assets strategically.

Click on the link below to view the map!

Choosing Foods and Beverages for Healthy Meetings and Events

The Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina Area, Population Public Health Services, Health Promotion Department works to make the healthy choice the easy choice for staff and people within our communities. It is recognized that food is more than fuel for our body; it plays a large role in our social lives, provides comfort and is often used with celebrations. When hosting health authority sponsored meeting or event, it is important to recognize that the food provided at these meetings or events impacts staff’s or client’s food choices. By role modeling a positive food environment, we can:

  • Encourage healthy behaviours that can increase productivity and energy levels;
  • Create a consistent message between our actions and what we teach our staff and clients;
  • Support staff and clients to manage chronic disease and meet their own nutritional goals.

Following the guidelines below shows the public that the health authority is truly a role model for positive health behaviours and committed to improving the health and quality of life for employees and clients.

Finding that people are resistant to providing healthy foods? Needs some tips for making the case? Use the document below, "The Case for Healthy Foods" to help start the conversation. 

Nutrition Update Newsletters

Nutrition Update Newsletters are developed by the Public Health Nutritionists of Saskatchewan Working Group, for health professionals, community leaders and educators. These Newsletters are designed to provide up-to-date information on 'early years,' 'school age' and 'adult' nutrition, and they highlight important initiatives and resources in the area. 

     School Age Edition: Oct 2017

     Early Years Edition: July 2017

     Adult Edition: February 2017

     Adult Edition: April 2016

     School Age Edition: October 2016

     Early Childhood Edition: July 2016

     Early Childhood Edition - June 2015

     School Age Edition: October 2015

     Adult Edition: February 2015

     Adult Edition: June 2014 Newsletter

     Early Childhood Edition: August 2014

     School Edition: October 2014

School Age Edition: November 2013

Adult Edition: August 2013

Accessing Healthy Food Choices in Regina, June 2012

Accessing Healthy Food Choices in Regina, Executive Summary, June 2012

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