Foot Health Clinic

The Foot Health Clinic promotes well-being, mobility and independence. Foot health is one of the keys to an active lifestyle.

The RQHR Foot Health Clinic provides foot care to patients with underlying medical condition such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and severe osteo/rheumatoid arthritis and/or who have limited resources to access private foot care providers.

The services provided include diabetic foot assessment and education, reduction of dystrophic/fungal nails, non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenails and management of callous (non pre-ulcerative) and corns.

Services are provided by Licensed Practical Nurses with specialized training and certification in advanced foot care. In Regina, the Foot Health Clinic is located at Regina General Hospital. Clinics are also offered in various rural communities.

Referral from a physician or your primary health care provider is required. For more information or a Foot Health Clinic referral form please call 306-766-3750.

Podiatry Services Update - May 9, 2017

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