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The entire "Working Together Towards Excellence Project" report "Improving First Nations and Métis Health Outcomes: A Call to Collaborative Action" is available here in PDF format.

To read the following .pdf files you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to access Adobe Acrobat Reader, scroll down and click on Get Acrobat Reader free.

Full Report - Improving First Nations and Métis Health Outcomes: A Call to Collaborative Action

Executive Summary

Appendix A - External Advisory Committee members

Appendix B - Centres of excellence: A Review of Best Practices

Appendix C - Aboriginal health and Healing: A Review of best practices

Appendix D - Strategic Options for Improving Aboriginal Health and Healing Services: A Discussion Paper

Appendix E - First nations and Métis Health and Healing Services: Funding and partnership Opportunities

Appendix F - Preliminary Demographic Analysis of First Nations and Métis People

Appendix G - Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region Overview (You must have PowerPoint on your computer to open the file)

Appendix H - SWOT Analysis from Internal Consultation Meetings

Appendix I - Reference to Key Planning Documents Considered in This Review

Appendix J - Analysis of external Consultation Meetings

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