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Eagle Moon Health Office has developed proposals with partners in the health region and the community that have been successful in receiving federal funding.


Berry Cooking

Métis Diabetes Education and Awareness Project

The Métis Diabetes Education and Awareness Project aimed to help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes in the Métis population by educating people to make healthy lifestyle choices and learning to prepare nutritious foods in traditional Métis ways. The project was funded through by Health Canada's Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative through the Métis, Off-Reserve Aboriginal and Urban Inuit Prevention and Promotion (MOAUIPP) Program. The project began in fall 2008 and finished in March 2010.

Project activities included community gatherings, having people take part in traditional food harvesting, picking berries and organizing a community kitchen to prepare the food. Métis Elders and community members shared stories on methods of gathering, harvesting and preparing traditional foods, as well as their personal stories of living with Type 2 diabetes. The entire project was documented for publication in a manual that will be distributed to the community.

Community gatherings brought Health Region professionals such as dietitians, nurse educators, home care, podiatry, etc., to provide information and services with community members. Eagle Moon Health Office coordinated and oversaw the project, and worked with other Region programs, such as MEDEC, for the education component.

Métis Community Health Coordinator Initiative

​Lebret Diabetes Workshop

The Métis Community Health Coordinator Initiative, funded through the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund Adaptation Envelope, created positions for staff to work with the Métis community to advocate for their health needs. Work included creating linkages between the community and health services, thereby helping the Métis community to build capacity and self-empowerment. Informing health care providers of the multifaceted nature of Métis clients' health needs helped to encourage a more holistic approach to health and to service delivery, and more culturally appropriate care to the Métis community.

The project was undertaken by the Eagle Moon Health Office but received guidance and direction from a committee that is representative of the Métis community, community partners and internal RQHR partners. The project came about as a direct result of consultation recommendations made by Métis community beginning in 2005.

Work on the project began July 1, 2008 and continued through to March 31, 2010.

Home Care

The Service Delivery Model to Ensure Culturally Appropriate Home Care Services to First Nations/Métis/Inuit Population within RQHR is a project funded through the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund, Adaptation Envelope.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen and adapt current Home Care services delivered through the RQHR to ensure First Nations, Métis/Inuit people are able to access home care services in a timely manner and receive services in a broader, more holistic manner. The project takes place in Regina. Work began July 1, 2008 and will continue through to March 31, 2011.

​Restoring a Path to Traditional Health and Wellness

Also funded through the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund, this project aimed to provide for traditional aboriginal healing ways to be made available and within easy access to First Nations and Métis peoples seeking holistic health and wellness. Traditional ways are rooted in prayer, responsibility and following a 'good way'.

These traditional ways function on principles of holism. Healers and elders focus on the spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical aspects of an individual in a comprehensive, unified fashion. Current mainstream medical practices, in contrast, tend toward treatment of specific physical or mental diseases delivered in a segmented fashion i.e. referrals to several professionals for treatment. For many First Nations and Métis people, the western mainstream process alone does not meet their needs nor fit well with their view and understanding of health.

Through the delivery of traditional healing ways and ceremonies, the project will seek to create awareness and understanding of traditional healing in both the aboriginal and non-aboriginal community and with mainstream medical practitioners. The project will also demonstrate avenues for traditional healing ways and mainstream medicine to work together.

Work on this project began in fall of 2009 and finishes in 2010.

Crossing the Barriers: Working in Collaboration Toward Improved Health Care Services

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region's (RQHR) Eagle Moon Health Office (EMHO), Muskowekwan First Nation and the Lestock Métis Local have agreed to work together to begin discussing strategies for change and addressing jurisdictional issues that impact Aboriginal peoples ability to access quality health care services in the Lestock area. Eagle Moon Health Office previously has established strong working relationships with both these partners.

The information learned and shared through this project can then be applied to benefit all First Nation and Métis residents in the region affected by issues of jurisdiction.

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