What is Primary Health Care?

Primary Health Care is the everyday support for individuals and communities to better manage their own health. Our commitment is to provide coordinated health services that are client centred, community designed and team delivered.

Primary Health Care:

  • recognizes the relationship between physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being;
  • includes a wide range of coordinated services including prevention, health promotion, treatment and rehabilitation;
  • is provided using a team approach;
  • includes better management and follow-up once a health problem has occurred;
  • involves preventing and effectively managing chronic conditions;
  • involves linking with agencies and organizations to address other factors that influence health (like housing, education, employment, income, social supports);
  • involves working together with community members and service providers to plan and develop services.

Take a look at what has been happening at the following Primary Health Care innovation sites:

Meadow Primary Health Care Centre

Touchwood Qu'Appelle Primary Health Care Centre

For more information about Primary Health Care:

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Background to Primary Health Care

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