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Phases of Primary Health Care Development

Community Consultations

The following list refers to some of the things our health region considers when making decisions about where to place primary health care teams.
Community Considerations

Size of community

  • Demographics
  • Growth trends and projections
  • Cultural characteristics
  • Business/trade patterns
  • Local commerce
  • Recreation
  • Relationships with neighbouring communities


  • Soft boundaries
  • Surrounding communities
  • Ease of access
  • Travel distances
  • Travel / Shopping Patterns


  • Related human services i.e. schools
  • Existing facilities
  • Human resources
  • Community development initiatives

Working with Communities in which there are other services like schools, social services, RCMP, gives us more opportunities for some joint initiatives.


  • Local health care team
    • Interest, experience, sustainability
  • Community leadership
    • Interest and willingness to work together
  • Community interest/capacity
    • Understand model of Primary Health Care
    • commitment

We need to look at the interest, willingness and capacity of both local community leaders and health care providers to work on primary health care development.

Making the change from the current way of providing and accessing health care services to a primary health care model takes time, energy and commitment.

Geography / Population Based Approach

The following map shows the potential distribution of rural sites. It includes some of our initial thinking on how primary health care teams could potentially be distributed within the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, but this was not written in stone. Each colored area represents a possible Primary Health Care site.


Regina Urban Primary Health Care Site Plan

Primary Health Care Teams by City of Regina Zone

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