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​The visual identity for the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region consists of several elements which capture the geography, culture and history of southern Saskatchewan. It is also designed to suggest qualities that are integral to the provision of health care to communities within the Region, and beyond.

The name Regina Qu'Appelle encompasses the historic significance of Regina in health care, while the name Qu'Appelle alludes to the valley that fluidly joins the geography of our Health Region together.

Typographically, the wordmark utilizes both serif and sans serif fonts. The serif component - Regina Qu'Appelle - touches on our heritage and provides a sense of welcoming. The sans serif component - Health Region - positions the organization as professional, stable and strong.

The symbol accompanying the wordmark suggests a diverse family of images, qualities and concepts. Amongst these are:

  • Diversity and teamwork - A variety of health care providers are needed to meet the needs of those we serve. The diverse streams of health care providers come together just as the segments of the symbol come together, representing a cooperative spirit that is critical to our organizational culture and reflective of the Saskatchewan experience.
  • Partnership - The symbol offers a sense of the three merged health districts - Pipestone, Regina, and Touchwood Qu'Appelle - and the people within the system, working in close and continuing partnership.
  • Compassion - The symbol is seen by some as embracing and sheltering the wordmark, just as those who work with our Health Region show respect and compassion for their patients and clients, and support the dignity of each person in their care.
  • Grasses and plant life - Presenting an image of growth and grasses or crops bending in the wind. In Aboriginal traditions, this plant life symbolizes transformation.
  • Fields - The movement of the shapes making up the symbol takes on the feeling of furrowed fields.
  • Roadways - The symbol is suggestive of a "highway to health," a connective network of the best in health care services.
  • Valleys - The rolling hills of the region are captured within the symbol.
  • Fire - The symbol is reminiscent of flames, capturing the energy and spirit of our community and health care system, as well as suggesting a learning organization where innovation is valued.
  • River system - The image of a river system is omnipresent, representative of the healing, cleansing and nourishing powers of water.

The colour has been chosen to represent the physical environment of southern Saskatchewan, suggesting ongoing growth and evolution. The green offers a sense of warmth and security. It reflects our agricultural roots. And, it is also a colour closely associated with the medical field.

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