Announcements for June 2017

We are happy to announce we are at full staff at the Autism Centre now.  Are new staff include:

  • Kayla Nance, SLP. Senior clinician for preschool population.
  • Darnell Schindelka,BSW, RSW. 
  • Katherine Tittemore, Occupational Therapist. Temporary OT filling Trista's maternity leave. She will provide direct services to preschool children who are not currently in a school placement and consultation services to children 6 and under who are in a school program.  
  • Joseph Lopez, MSW, RSW.  Rural Autism clincian working out of Fort Qu'Appelle and Grenfell.  

In 2016, the Government of Saskatchewan committed to implementing an Individualized Funding Program for parents and/or caregivers of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). An Autism Stakeholder Working Group has been created to assist government in developing a new model for individualized funding. The working group has created an online survey for parents/caregivers of children with ASD, as well as service providers and other stakeholders. The survey is available now until July 26, 2017 at:


Jane Powell from the University of Regina is working on a research study with children ages 5 to 11 with ASD who struggle with one or more transitions at home.  Please see the attached link with her letter below. 


Obtaining a Primary Care Physician and/or Pediatrician

Dr. Petryk, Developmental Pediatrician with Child and Youth Services, reminds families of the importance of obtaining a primary care physician to manage their child’s daily medical needs and follow-up. Medical investigation deemed appropriate by the medical professional can be completed with the primary care physician. Also, genetic testing can be ordered by the child’s pediatrician. Dr. Petryk is available on a consulting basis with the child’s medical team. The medical team includes the primary care physician and/or pediatrician-those working with the family to ensure best care and practices for the child.

If you require assistance with scheduling an appointment, please contact your Autism Centre clinician.

To find a list of doctors accepting new patients within the RHQR, please refer to the following link:

Advance Care Planning. Learn More.

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