Healthy Living Modules

Healthy living can be thought of as a combination of Thinking Well, Eating Well and Living Well. Watch and work through the helpful tools in this video series.

Thinking Well

Having a healthy relationship with food is an important part of weight management, and can be a positive influence towards achieving weight loss goals.

Many factors contribute to our relationship with food. In this module,

  • we'll discuss several common unhelpful eating behaviours,
  • we'll see how lack of sleep impacts our health and can influence our weight, and
  • we'll explore the connections between stress, our thoughts and feelings, and our behaviours
Health Living - Module 1 - Thinking Well

Eating Well

Eating well is a key part of weight management. But healthy eating may require long term changes in our daily food choices and eating patterns.

If you're ready to make the commitment, we have some tools to help get you started! In this module,

  • we'll discuss the merits of variety, balance in our eating
  • we'll talk about journaling to build awareness of serving sizes and portions,
  • we'll learn how to plan our meals, shop smart and cook simple,
  • and, we'll see how even restaurant food choices can be healthy and smart
Health Living - Module 2 - Eating Well

Living Well

Living well is the central core of a healthy, fulfilling life.

By understanding about obesity, taking care of ourselves physically and mentally, and learning a few tools towards physical activity, we can achieve a healthy balance in our lives. In this module,

  • we'll discuss the complex and chronic nature of obesity
  • we'll talk about taking charge, ensuring we are active participants in our own health,
  • and we'll review a number of physical activity tools to help in our journey towards a healthier lifestyle
Health Living - Module 3 - Living Well
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