Bariatric Surgical Program: Patient Roles and Responsibilities

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While enrolled in the program, you are agreeing to certain roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend all appointments at the clinic. Missed appointments will result in dismissal from the program;
  • Attend all group nutrition classes;
  • Lose weight or maintain during the pre-surgical program (depending on your BMI, you may be required to lose weight);
  • Keep accurate food and beverage records dasily and bring to every appointment (note: this is a requirement of the program);
  • Keep accurate physical activity records and bring to every appointment;
  • Demonstrate that you have made lifestyle changes and are mentally prepared for surgery;
  • Maintain a smoke-free lifestyle. You are required to be smoke free prior to starting the program. This must be maintained life long; and
  • If you move or change your contact information please ensure you notify the clinic.
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